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Garden of the Month - May | Sustainable Gardens of India

Updated: May 10

Moka - "An artisanal patisserie and cafe" is Moumita 's passion project

Tucked in the quaint village called Siolim, Goa. Moka's garden is designed by Moumita herself.

The use of natural drift wood, up-cycled bottles, bamboo trellis for making the blue pea and passion fruit plants climb is what attracted my attention the most.

In Moumita's words, "When we started Moka, I was tied to the idea of connecting people over food and nature. We are trying to use things that are grown locally and create consciousness by informing our customers of what go into our creations, where they are sourced from” . I got to know about a lot of local producers when they walked in as customers. Like the passion fruits that we use is produced in someone's backyard. Our "Gondhoraj" lime is sourced from Kolkata which helps me keep the connection with my native alive. It also helps me offer our bestselling Gondhoraj Cheesecake"

I personally love how Moumita is growing enough blue pea in her garden for her desserts and drinks.

Her garden has five types of Hibiscus and that is quite amazing. Growing native plants and increasing the bio-diversity is something that we put a lot of stress on and Moumita inspires us in all possible ways through her garden.

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