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5 Simple sustainability practices for your daily life

Updated: May 6

  1. Grow a small plant that improves air quality, like Spider plant or Snake plant.

  2. Reuse - Recycle - Switch to cloth grocery bags from plastic bags. Instead of buying new both bag, up-cycle your old clothes into bags.

  3. Use Vinegar, Soda and soap as the cleaner for kitchen tops and floors.

  4. If you are a meat eater reduce one extra day of meat from your regular meat eating days.

  5. Conserve water by talking short baths. If you live in hot areas, take multiple short bath instead of one long bath. The body will be cooler like this reducing the need of air-conditioning.

Air Purifying Plants
Air Purifying Plants

Cloth bags for Grocery over plastic bags
Cloth bags for Grocery over plastic bags


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